Thursday, March 13, 2014

PNG Alpha Chocolate Cake Cookie

Use these fun alpha elements to add a yummy aspect to your layouts and designs. Lovingly baked together with real chocolate cake and sweet cream frosting; these are sure to make mouths water wherever you use them. Select thumbnail for preview -not shown full size (shadow on preview only).

Thoughts to ponder:
Is Truth relative? For example, 'What is good for you is good for you but that does not work for me.' - Is this a legitimate viewpoint when it comes to Truth? Does not Truth define reality rather than our experiences or our thoughts?
The color Red is the color Red whether I believe it or not. Similarly, Chocolate and Vanilla each have a distinctive flavor, which is the same for all. Chocolate tastes like chocolate to both you and I, not chocolate to you and orange to me.
Therefore, since Truth abounds in our natural world and is obtainable, what about Spiritual Truth? Jesus Christ made a completely exclusive, bold claim by stating He is indeed Very God and that He is the Only Way to the Father. Either He was a delusional, crazy person; a liar and impersonator out to hoodwink us - or He is Who He says He is ...

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